Here you can find answers to some of the most
common questions regarding commissions!

For further questions or rates/quotes,
feel free to email me!

Q: I didn't find the commission type I was looking for.. what are your complete rates?
A: The current options give an estimate of my rates, but if you are looking for something different (ie 8.5x11/Standard just inked), I will provide a quote upon request. I will also provide a quote for commissions featuring more than two characters.

Q: I have my own character, will you draw it? Plus, can I use it in a publication?
A: Yes, just send over drawings and/or a description of the character and I'll draw it for you. Unless I otherwise protest (it might be the material..), the commission is yours to do as you please (as long as it is your own character) and I am given credit for the piece. I also require a copy of the published work that the piece is used in.

Q: I want you to draw [Insert character name here]. Do you know him/her?
A: I don't know a lot of the newer characters out there nowadays, so I may have to request reference images.

Q: I want you to draw [insert insanely long description here]
A: Describing a character is one thing, but describing an intricate scenario is way other (unless it's a two character or a full color commission). Please provide a sketch of what you're talking about, or keep the description of the scenario simple. If I have any questions or don't understand what is being described, I will ask for more info. The key thing to remember is to keep the idea within the confines of the commission type chosen or choose a commission type that better fits the idea!

Q: Will you draw bondage pinups?
A: Yes, at long as the overall theme is playful or in the vein of classic damsels in distress. I won't draw violent bondage.

Q: How long will it take to draw the commission?
A: The turnaround time at the time of ordering a commission is shown on the Commissions page. If it is a complex project, I will provide an estimated turnaround date.

Q: It has exceeded the estimated time -- what gives?
A: I try to get commissions out as fast as I can. There can be clogs in the queue that was underestimated (generally 11x14 commissions can cause the clogs), but all commissions do get completed.

Q: Do you ever have commission prices lowered?
A: There will be no further discounted commissions on a large scale (ie eBay and the Online Store).

Q: I want to order a commission, but can I mail in the payment?
A: I can accept money orders, but not personal checks. If you are wanting to mail the payment in, please contact me for where to mail payment as well as what you are wanting and when you will be mailing the payment out.

Q: I'm a writer looking for an artist to draw a comic. Interested?
A: At this time, no. I have very little experience with sequential art. However -- I am interested and available for the
following types of projects - Concept Art, Cover Art, Posters, CD Album Art - as long as it is paid work. I may reduce my rates for projects, depending on how many pieces and overall complexity.


Q: Will you draw sex scenes?
Yes - for 2x the rate of the commission type. Example - 11x14 Two character color commission is $200, so the new total would be $400.

Q: Do you draw tattoos?
I can draw the artwork for you to get tattooed, but I don't tattoo artwork on.

Q: Do you get to use the finished commission for prints, books, etc?
A: If the commission is fanart, then I hold the right to use it for other commercial uses if I wish to. If it is your own character, I will ask for permission first and will give the appropriate credit. If it is an official project, nothing will be even shown or shared with the public.

If you have any further questions not listed, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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